Each day offers new ideas and activities! One day we may be making pickles, and the next day inventing a new ice cream flavor. We may go minature frog collecting, or attempt to teach some of the more social animals new tricks.

As a farm we are always on top of the weather and will adjust schedules accordingly. The farm offers its own micro-climates and activity spaces so we have lots of flexibility in our activities. Outdoor games might include "steal the bacon", capture the flag, potato sack races, corn hole, or a game we actually build and play such as "four in a row". Every child will have a chance to go gemstone mining and fishing. Every Friday we invite the parents to come at 2pm to visit, watch a the chicken race (weather permitting), enjoy ice cream, and see what their campers have been up to all week!  Essentially a child can spend all summer at the camp and each week will be exciting and somewhat different!

 A typical day's schedule (Schedules change daily). 


Ages 5-7


8:30-8:45   Morning Meet Up


8:45-9:45   Animal Care/Feeding


9:45-10:45   Forest Fort walk/Gardening


10:45-11:15  Community Snack Time


11:15-12:15   Arts & Crafts


12:15-1:15    Water Play


1:15-1:45     Lunch  


1:45-2:45   Gem Mining & Fishing


2:45-3:00  Afternoon Pick Up






Ages 8-10



8:30-8:45   Morning Meet Up

8:45-9:45   Animal Care

9:45-10:45   Alpaca Trek

10:45-11:15  Community Snack Time

11:15-12:15   Water Play/Outdoor Games

12:15-1:15    Arts & Crafts

1:15-1:45     Lunch  

1:45-2:45   Handmade Ice Cream Making

2:45-3:00  Afternoon Pick Up

A typical day

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